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Sustainable Development, 3 ECTS

Department, Faculty responsible for the course
Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection, Faculty of Arctic Technologies

Academic level

Type of course

Language of instruction

Teaching Term

Admission requirements

Course contents
Multidisciplinary course focused on the following topics:
– the modern state and tendencies of changes of the environment,
– the main problems of rational use, protection of biosphere resource status,
– the possible strategies for sustainable development of human society in the conditions of co-evolution with nature.

Course objectives
Students that have completed the course shall have the following learning outcomes:
• knowledge about the state of the environment and is able to explain the essential environmental problems and the main effects of pollution;
• knowledge about some solutions to environmental problems and is aware of ethical thinking in environmental engineering;
• ability to describe the concept of global change, and to critically evaluate information available on global change ;
• knowledge about the basic Strategies for Sustainable Development.

Teaching methods
Lectures – 5 (2 hrs each), seminars – 10 (2 hrs each)


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