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Water Supply And Water Treatment, 5 ECTS

Department, Faculty responsible for the course
Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection, Faculty of Arctic Technologies

Academic level

Type of course

Language of instruction

Teaching Term

Admission requirements
Students with background in mathematics, physics, chemistry or theoretical mechanics

Course content
The course will concentrate on the following thematic areas:
– natural sources of water supply;
– systems of water supply and mode of their work;
– water distribution networks; devices of a water supply system;
– water intaking constructions; improvement of water quality;
– filtering, disinfecting, deodorization, fluoration, defluorinating, deferrization, water softening;
– designing of water treatment complexes.

Learning outcomes:
By the end of the course students are supposed:
– to know normative and technical documents which regulate designing of water supply systems and treatment facilities;
– to know parameters which characterize structure, properties and quality of the natural waters;
– to be able to use methods of the technical and economic assessment of decisions made;
– to gain skills how to implement the approved decisions providing economic and technical efficiency of the designed, reconstructed and operated systems of water supply;
– to become proficient in techniques of control and research of work of water supply systems and their facilities, water treatment plants and their constructions.

Teaching methods
Lectures – 10 (1,5 hour each) and tutorials – 20


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