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Fisheries Management, 10 ECTS

Department, Faculty responsible for the course
Department of Biology, Institute of Natural Science and Technology.

Academic level

Type of course

Language of instruction

Teaching Term

Admission requirements
The course will be dedicated to master students with background in biology and/or economics .

Course content
Multidisciplinary introduction course includes the base of fisheries management focused on the following topics:

– Distinctive features of fisheries management
– Environmental protection in catching and processing of fish resources
– Fish processing
– Modern status of fishery industry in Russia
– Legal aspects of fisheries management
– Fisheries economics

Course objectives

The objective of the course is to give the basic knowledge of fisheries management focused on economics, organization, regulation and function of the Russian Federation and Murmansk region marine sector. Students can implement their knowledge by taking part in managing fisheries enterprises as well as governmental fishery institutions.

Teaching methods
Lectures – 10 (3 hrs each) and seminars – 5 (3 hrs each)


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