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Chemistry of Aquatic Systems Pollution, 5 ECTS

Department, Faculty responsible for the course

Department of Chemistry, Institute of Natural Science and Technology

Academic level


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Admission requirements

The course will be dedicated to master students studying environmental management.

Course contents

Students will learn the basic trends in pollution of sea and ocean waters and improve their understanding of the impact of different pollution types on the physical and chemical properties of natural waters, environmental changes in aquatic systems including Arctic region, chemistry application to the treatment and remediation of natural waters.

Course objectives

Students that have completed the course shall have the following learning outcomes:

• ability to identify scale variables associated with environmental changes in aquatic systems.
• knowledge about the ways pollutants are transformed, degraded and transported;
• knowledge of biological and physical changes caused by oil pollutions and technical activities;
• ability to consider the effect on biological (fish) resources;

Teaching methods

Lectures – 5 (3 hrs each), seminars – 2 (3 hrs each).


The exam will include an essay and project-based activities.

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