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Industrial and Municipal Waste Management, 5 ECTS

Department, Faculty responsible for the course
Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection, Faculty of Arctic Technologies

Academic level

Type of course

Language of instruction

Teaching Term

Admission requirement:
Basic knowledge in ecology and environmental protection.

Course content:
– legislation;
– sources of wastes;
– scale of waste problem in Russia;
– organization of environmental protection within waste management system;
– technologies of waste collection and transportation;
– methods of municipal solid waste processing (source reduction, incineration, composting, landfilling) and recycling;
– aspects of hazardous waste management (types, peculiarities of collection, storing and transportation);
– basics of sanitary landfill design; alternative methods of energy recovery.

Course objectives:
After taking the course a student should be able to:
– Define and explain important concepts in the field of solid waste management, such as waste hierarchy, waste prevention, recirculation, municipal solid waste etc;
– Describe, analyse and discuss the connection between waste and consumption on a national and global level;
– Discuss social aspects connected to handling and recirculation of solid waste from a local as well as global perspective.

Teaching methods:
Lectures – 5 (2 hrs each), seminars and practical work – 10 (2 hrs each)


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