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Russian water standards failure consequences and their minimization, 5 ECTS

Department, Faculty responsible for the course
Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection, Faculty of Arctic Technologies

Academic level

Type of course

Language of instruction

Teaching Term

Admission requirement:
Basic knowledge in ecology and environmental protection.

Course content:
The course provides information on the Russian environmental legislation connected with water treatment and standards for organic and nonorganic substances content in waste water. The course considers consequences of coastal waters contamination and application of seaweeds growing for polishing of contaminated coastal waters.

Course objectives:
Give the basic knowledge in decreasing of content of organic and nonorganic components by different methods, estimation of wastewater quality and calculation of wastewater dilution in natural water. Give the base information about the coastal waters and water ecosystems contamination and about the methods of calculation algae bio-positive constructions for polishing of contaminated coastal waters.

Teaching methods:
Lectures – 5 (2 hrs each), seminars and practical work – 10 (2 hrs each)


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