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Courses in English

Laboratory Tests in Water Resources, 5 ECTS

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Industrial and Municipal Waste Management, 5 ECTS

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Russian water standards failure consequences and their minimization, 5 ECTS

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Environmental management and audit, 5 ECTS

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Introduction to the Barents Region, 2 ECTS

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Water Supply And Water Treatment, 5 ECTS

The course provides conceptual understanding of the ecological and technical aspects of treating water for drinking and industrial purposes. The course also introduces the principles involved in the design and selection of unit processes for water treatment plants and teir constructionsRead more

Sustainable Development, 3 ECTS

Multidisciplinary course which will give students an overview of main environmental changes and challenges including issues of rational use and protection of biosphere resources, possible strategies for sustainable development of human society in the conditions of co-evolution with natural environmentRead more

Russian Language and Culture, 10 ECTS

The course provides an overview of Russia’s history, culture, traditions and gives the course takers an insight into the lifestyles of Russian people, their language and customs.

The course starts in autumn semester Read more

Fisheries Management, 10 ECTS

Multidisciplinary introduction course includes the fundamentals of fisheries management focused on the interplay between vessels/fishermen and fish stocks, regulation, organization and function of the Russian Federation and Murmansk region marine sector. Special attention is paid to fish processing, economic, environment, legal and government aspects of management

The course starts in autumn semester 2016Read more

Chemistry of Aquatic Systems Pollution, 5 ECTS

The course is included in Master's Degree Programme 04.03.01 "CHEMISTRY" and administered by
The Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Food Technologies and Biology.

Students will learn the basic trends in pollution of sea and ocean waters and improve their understanding of the impact of different pollution types on the physical and chemical properties of natural waters; environmental changes in aquatic systems including Arctic region; chemistry application to the treatment and remediation of natural watersRead more

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