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Laboratory / group name Leader/major department Contacts Main activities
Research laboratories
Laboratory of Chemistry and Technology of Marine Bioresources Daria Kolotova +7 (8152) 40-32-12


The laboratory was created on October 1, 2021, as part of the Institute of Natural Science and Technology of the MSTU within the framework of the national project "Science and Universities" and the state assignment of the MSTU.
Research laboratory «Wireless communications and geophysical processes in the Arctic» Nickolai Kalitenkov, Radio Engineering and Telecommunications Systems Department +7 (8152) 40-32-74


Study of radio wave spreading range characteristics on terrestrial and space radio paths of auroral zone and polar cap in different helio-geophysical and artificial disturbances conditions.

Development of new technical and physical solutions for the problems «Wave expansion, radio communications and antennas in conditions of natural and artificial disturbances of transmission system».

Laboratory of monitoring and metals fault detection Liudmila Baeva, Department of Metal and Ship Repair Technology +7 (8152) 40-33-68


Research on influence of technical condition of ship equipment on navigation safety.

Study of emergency accidents causes on fishing and transport ships in the Arctic region.

Study of technical condition of vessels in the Northern basin and development of recommendations to improve maintenance and repair works.

Implementation of innovative technologies for hardening and durability and reliability improvement of ship hull structures and ship facilities.

Fractographic analysis, metallographic analysis, macro examination of metals structure , study of metals mechanical properties , chemical analysis, spectrographic study of materials strength.

Laboratory of energy-saving and environmental technologies Alexander Prokhorenkov, Automatic Control and Computer Engineering Department +7 (8152) 40-34-12


Development of hardware and software systems for environmental monitoring.

Development of hardware and software tools for the automation of technological processes of heat power plants .

Research on efficiency of energy saving technologies in the utilities sector.

Applied software development.

Energy saving projects development and implementation.

Laboratory of physical processes computer modeling Alexander Namgaladze, General and Applied Physics Department +7 (8152) 40-33-69


Computer modeling of physical processes in the upper atmosphere of the Earth.

The research of the Earth's ionosphere behavior in quiet and perturbed helio-geomagnetic conditions by mathematical modeling method; interpretation by observation the upper atmosphere of the Earth behavior associated with thermosphere-ionosphere-magnetosphere interaction.

Computer simulation of anomalous total electron content disturbances in the ionosphere related to processes of earthquake preparation and verification on the basis of a hypothesis about a possible physical mechanism of earthquakes ionosphere harbingers formation.

Improvement of global numerical upper atmosphere model of the Earth (UAM) and development of atmosphere combining models method.

Laboratory of Chemical Analysis Svetlana Derkach, Chemistry Department +7 (8152) 40-33-38


Development of new and improvement of existing methods of chemical and toxicological analyzes and hygiene of raw materials and ready-made products from the objects of inorganic, organic and biological origin.

Identification of food and raw materials safety:

– content of heavy metals, arsenic, histamine in different foods;

– quality of drinking water, natural and artificial mineral water, soft drinks.

Spectrophotometric and potentiometric study of complex compounds.

Laboratory of food production technology department Liudmila Kuranova, Alexander Ershov, Food Production Technology Department +7 (8152) 40-33-26


Development of innovative resource- and energy-saving technologies and equipment for hydrobionts food production.

Integrated and rational use of marginal hydrobionts species in the Arctic region on the basis of innovative technologies and equipment.

Technical documentation development and its pilot industrial testing.

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