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«Vestnik of MSTU» in the GeoRef database


Dear authors and readers of the academic periodical "Vestnik of MSTU",

Some articles of the journal have been selectively included into the international abstract database and citation system GeoRef, which is one of the well-known specialized databases in the field of geological sciences. The articles search is available on the GeoRef website using the journal ISSN number 1560-9278 (http://previews.georef.org/dbtw-wpd/qbeprev.htm).

The peer reviewed academic periodicals included in the international abstract databases and citation systems Web of Science, Scopus, Astrophysics Data System, PubMed, MathSciNet, zbMATH, Chemical Abstracts, Springer, Agris or GeoRef are considered to be included in the List of journals of the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles according to their research areas (as provided by the Letter of Head of the Department for Certification of Research and Teaching Staff within the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation d.d. 23.10.2014 No 13-4075 "Regarding the List of peer-reviewed academic periodicals").