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Guidelines for article submission

Originality of the text. Not more than 20% of the text borrowed from public sources is admitted to be used in the article.

Length. Maximum number of pages is 10 (including reference list).

Document format. Microsoft Word (doc., docx.); File title - author’s name and surname; Margins (left-right, top-bottom) - 2,5 cm; A 4; Portrait orientation; 10-point Times New Roman font; Single line spacing; Paragraph indention – 1,25 cm; Justified text; No hyphenation.

  • Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) Index
  • Author(s) name(s)
  • Title
  • Annotation/Abstract
  • Key words/facts
  • Main part of the article
  • Reference section
  • Information about author

Heads of each section: initial upper-case letter, bold, 10-point type, aligned at left margin, and a single line space above and below

Universal Decimal Classification Index is defined according to UDC tables. It is written before author’s name and surname, 12-point type, aligned at left margin, and a single line space above and below

The author(s)’s surname and name is written in Russian after UDC Index, 12-point type and centered

Title should contain subject of research and method of research

Title should be placed after author’s name and surname single-line spacing, initial upper-case letter and no dot at the end of the title.

Author(s)’s surname and name and title in English is written after author(s)’s surname and name and title in Russian, centered, semi-bold 14-point Times New Roman font.

Abstract provides description of the main topic, problem, subject, objectives and results of the work.

The abstract should not exceed 500 printed characters (according to Russian state standard 7.9-95 (ISO standart 214-76)

Abstract in Russian is placed after title in English and single line space, then below abstract in English comes and single line space.

10-point type and justified

List of key facts is about 5 – 7 words or phrases. Key facts provide terminology of research area, object, subject and methods of research, also provides the possibility for data retrieval.

Key facts in Russian is placed after abstract in English single line spacing and separated by a comma.

Key facts in English are placed after key facts in Russian single line spacing.

8-point type and aligned at left margin

  • Introduction provides description of relevance, objectives, tasks, subject of the research.

  • Materials and methods provide sufficient details (procedures, techniques, equipment, measurement parameters) to allow the research to be reproduced or evaluated.

  • Results and discussion provide description of the process of research conducting (stages, phases of the experiments), interim results, significance and novelty of the presented results.

  • Conclusion provides short overview of the received results, main directions of further research.

  • Acknowledgements provides expression of gratitude to the organizations and sponsors for support in carrying out research, researchers, colleagues for rendering an advisory opinion during research as well as technical staff for providing assistance.

Illustrated materials and tables is placed in the text where they are firstly mentioned and numbered with Arabic numerals, continuous page numbering

References should be listed in the order they are mentioned/appeared in the text. All the details and examples of reference format can be found in Russian State Standard P 7.0.5-2008.

References in Russian are placed after the main body/text of the article and single line spacing.

References in English are placed after references in Russian and single line spacing.

10-point type, without paragraph indention and text justified

This section provides surname, name, second name, academic title/position, degree, full title of the institution/place of author work, e-mail.

Author’s information is placed after references and single line spacing.

Surname, name, second name: bold 10-point type.

Academic title/position, degree, full title of the institution/place of author work, e-mail: 10-point type and aligned at left margin.

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