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Publication requirements

Ethics in peer review

Articles and reviews which present results of master’s and PhD research works can be published in MSTU Vestnik on condition they have not been published before and they conform to:

The journal can accept no more than one article of one author including co-authored articles. The number of articles by one author can be increased by the decision of the editorial board of the journal.

Articles are not considered if:

  • they are not formatted according to the requirements
  • they contain more than 20% of the text from open sources

Articles are published at no charge. The author’s fee is not paid.

The editorial board considers the fact of sending and receiving the author’s materials as a voluntary transfer of ordinary (non-exclusive) license to publish the material in the printed or electronic journal by the author(s) to the journal editor or founder.

The editorial board and authors of the articles can communicate by e-mail, telephone, mail with delivery confirmation, fax (with delivery confirmation by telephone), courier service.

Assess originality of the article

Get consultation about article publishing requirements

Updating date: 14.09.17