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Innovative Enterprises

Small innovative enterprises are enterprises which develop and commercialize high technologies and products in manufacturing.

Small innovative enterprises (SIE) serve as a connecting element between the science and production. Small companies in particular often accept the risk while developing new products and technologies, turning the knowledge into commodity. Due to their risk-taking activity SIE structure is constantly changing: some companies disappear, other appear. However, there is a certain balance providing "critical mass" of SIE in the national innovate systems.

The Law on establishment small innovative enterprises at universities was adopted August 2, 2009 by the Russian State Duma. The law allowed state-funded educational and scientific institutions to create business entities for commercialization of their research results. Particularly, universities, research institutes and other scientific institutions were qualified for establishment of business entities for practical utilization of the intellectual activity results, including computer programs, data bases, inventions, useful models, industrial samples, selection achievements, know-how. Exclusive rights for the abovementioned belong to the scientific institution accordingly.

It should be pointed out that the right for using the intellectual activity results is considered to be a contribution to the charter capital.

Small enterprise Legal address Director Field of activity
INTEZH, OOO* 13, Sportivnaya Str. Murmansk, 183010 Alexander Korobko Production and sales of heating systems
INNOTEKHPROD, OOO 13, Sportivnaya Str. Murmansk, 183010 Sergey Raibulov Food production and catering
INTRO, OOO 13, Sportivnaya Str. Murmansk, 183010 Andrey Iliin Production and sales of fish products
LOTOS, OOO 13, Sportivnaya Str. Murmansk, 183010 Vladimir Grokhovskii Production and sales of fish products, canned fish
ENERTRANS, OOO 13, Sportivnaya Str. Murmansk, 183010 Vladimir Malyshev Energy audit and internal combustion engine diagnostics
ORIANA, OOO 13, Sportivnaya Str. Murmansk, 183010 Andrey Viskov Automation systems development and implementation

* OOO means "limited liability company"

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