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Council of Young Scientists

Chair of the Council

German Ivanov - Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor/Docent of Foreign Languages Department

Tel: +7 (8152) 47-73-90

E-mail: IvanovGA@mstu.edu.ru

General information

MSTU Council of Young Scientists (CYS) was founded in 2011 and represents an association of young researchers (under 35 years) who are either university employees and/or graduate students. The council was established to enhance its members' professional development, to express interests, and to solve topical problems prioritized by the university scientific policy.

CYS objectives are:

  • to revitalize research work of MSTU young scientists through specifically designed activities;
  • to provide information support to young scientists in obtaining grants for research, travel and event management;
  • to organize youth scientific conferences, young scientists schools, seminars and workshops, competitions for young scientists;
  • to interact with the student scientific community of university departments and assist students in their research work and presentation of the results at scientific events;
  • to create and expand the network of councils of young scientists from other universities and research centers in Russia and abroad.

Council Members

  1. German Ivanov (Associate Professor/Docent of Foreign Languages Department) - Council Chairman (e-mail: IvanovGA@mstu.edu.ru)
  2. Julia Bezymianova (Candidate of Chemical Sciences, senior lecturer, Department of Chemistry) - Deputy Chairman
  3. Dmitry Boroukhin (Candidate of Economics, senior lecturer, Department of Socio-Economic Systems) - Council secretary
  4. Aleksey Gurin (Chief of Laboratory of Radio Engineering and Telecommunication Systems Department, Marine Academy)
  5. Andrey Gafurov (Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor/Docent, Department of Socio-Economic Systems) - Secretary of the Board
  6. Julia Razimovskaya (Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Research Associate of the research group of the Department of Physics)
  7. Tatiana Kapelko (Candidate of Legal Sciences, Associate Professor/Docent, Law Faculty )
  8. Maria Kniazeva (Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor/Docent, Research Fellow, Department of Physics, Faculty of Arctic Technology)
  9. Aleksandr Korotaev (Assistant of the Department of Continuum Mechanics and Offshore Oil and Gas Business, Faculty of Arctic Technology)
  10. Elena Saenkova (Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor/Docent, International Relations and Communication Department, Institute of Economics, Management and Law)
  11. Viktoria Yatsenko (Candidate of Technical Sciences, senior researcher of the Department of Automatics and Computer Science, Marine Academy, member of the Council of Young Scientists of the Murmansk region)

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