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Innovation and Technology Centre (ITC)

ITC was established at MSTU in 2008 as an innovative framework for commercialization of scientific and technical products and services developed by MSTU staff and other scientific and technical organizations to contribute to social, economic and technological development of the enterprises and related organisations of the Murmansk region.

Director: Victoria Dimova

Tel: +7 (815-2) 40-33-70


1. Scientific and technical assessment of the innovative development performance including an official expert’s report;

2. Legal advice;

3. Business planning;

4. Patent licensing;

5. Introduction of quality management systems into an enterprise;

6. Assistance for International Business and Cooperation;

7. Marketing research on the regional market;

Shared Knowledge Centre "Physicochemical Methods of Analysis"

MSTU shared knowledge centre "Physical and Chemical Methods of Analysis" was created in order to develop the instrumentation base of Murmansk State Technical University; upgrade the research efficiency by shared usage of existing analytical, testing and technical equipment required for scientific problems solution in prioritized fields of science, technology and engineering of the Russian Federation; provide training of highly qualified personnel able to conduct research and experiments with up-to-date equipment and by advanced scientific methods and technology.

Contact person: Victoria Dimova, leading expert of research project management department

Tel: +7 (8152) 40-33-70

Centre Servises

  • Determining petroleum products and other pollutants (phosphates, nitrites, nitrates) in the environment (qualitative technique)
  • Determining the level of oxygen in the water
  • Bio testing (monitoring the development of protozoa under the influence of petroleum products)
  • Histological studies, substance purity analysis
  • Fish breeding and biological justification
  • Consultancy services in organization and management of freshwater and marine complex (placement, waters monitoring, selection of biological species, biotechnology, engineering and construction)
  • Aquaculture products quality control
  • Monitoring marine and terrestrial biocoenosis
  • Assessing the anthropogenic impact on phytocenosis
  • Landscape design development
  • Sanitary-hygienic control of environmental objects (water, air, soil), household, food products
  • Environmental analysis
  • Hydrochemical analysis
  • Production control
  • Isolation of pure cultures of microorganisms and their storage
  • Spectrophotometric analysis of plant objects (detection of pigment content and its concentration in plant objects)
  • Biochemical studies of hydrobionts and developing technologies for hydrobionts processing
  • Photocolorimetric methods of identifying, analyzing bio organic compounds (amino acids, proteins, vitamins, etc.)
  • Developing sterilization modes of canned food
  • Developing technical standards of hydrobionts processing (organoleptic, physical-chemical, microbiological, rheological parameters)
  • Quality control of drinking water
  • Research of fuels and lubricants including IR spectroscopy
  • Spectrophotometric and potentiometric study of complex compounds
  • Identifying food additives (without food colorants) in soft drinks by HPLC
  • Chemical analysis of limed samples of fruit and vegetables, products of animal and vegetable origin for heavy metals (cadmium, lead, zinc and copper) by HPLC
  • Determining deacetylation degree of chitin and chitosan samples by HPLC

Technology and Innovation Support Centre

Technology and Innovation Support Centre is a subdivision within the Research Department, its main objectives are to provide access to patent and non-patent databases, assistance in finding technical information during the patent research based on databases, training in databases search; to provide general information and consultancy on the intellectual property law.

Contact person: Ludmila Plyasunova, Head of Patent Research Lab

Tel: +7 (8152) 40-34-30

Centre Services:

  • access to patent and non-patent databases of Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FIIP)
  • assistance in finding technical information during patent research based on databases FIIP
  • training in database search
  • providing general information to researchers developing patent documents according to the legislation in the field of intellectual property
  • basic guidelines in licensing process

Academic Center of Innovation Support

The center provides support for innovation and development in establishment basic elements of the innovation infrastructure (engineering, micro-manufacturing, consulting, expert support, etc.); scientific and technical creativity; scientific and technical advice.

Director: Andrey Viskov

Tel: +7 (8152) 40-35-19

Multidisciplinary Arctic Research Center "Sustainability Management and Economics"

Director: Irina Breslavets

Tel: +7 (8152) 208-608

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