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MSTU priority research areas are focused on the Arctic. Integration of university educational and research activities provides a sound basis not only for preparing specialists to work at enterprises but also scientists. MSTU has serious scientific background in 9 areas of Arctic research, such as:
  • navigation safety and efficiency, search and rescue, emergency prevention at sea in the Arctic region;
  • study of geophysical processes in the Arctic;
  • exploration and use of biotechnology based on biological resources;
  • innovative technology development and reproduction of aquatic biological resources in the Arctic region;
  • technology of food products from vegetable and animal raw materials in the Arctic region;
  • innovative technologies of onshore and offshore mineral resources production in the Arctic;
  • environmental economics of the Arctic region and regional economy;
  • resource - and energy-saving technologies in the Arctic;
  • ecology, environmental protection and technosphere safety in the Arctic region.

In 2015 state support for research at MSTU amounted to 13 million roubles of the allocated budget (subsidies).

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