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MSTU students awarded the first price by the Norwegian tourist company Sorrisniva


Each project phase (implementation period 2012-2014) will involve two companies that are to give tasks to the international student teams. This time they were the Russian on-line painting shop Artfrombarents and the Norwegian tourist company Sorrisniva. While working on the business ideas MSTU students joined the international team from Alta to make the final presentation together.
Management of the Sorrisniva company approved all the summer tour proposals developed by the students from Murmansk and Alta and awardeed them with the first price.
With the workshop behind now, the project participants say they have gained the unique experience of international team work and learned a lot about the Norwegian neighbours. The event was also a great opportunity for the Russian students to practice their English. Apart from brainstirming the companies' tasks all students spent a get-together evening at the bowling centre and visited the Northernlight Husky farm – something one can hardly forget.
The new project phase is to start in December 2012, with the second wokshop held in Murmansk at the International Business Education Institute. This time Russian teams are going to welcome guests from Norway, Finland and also from Petrozavodsk.
You can find out more informnation about the Practice Future project at MSTU International Cooperation Department.
Project coordinator at MSTU: Nina Ershova
Telephone: 23-12-12

The project is supported by EU within the Kolarctic ENPI programme.