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ARCTAQUA project officially started by kick-off meeting in St. Petersburg January 27 2020


The main objective of the Project is to contribute to an expansion of an economic, ethical and environmentally sustainable aquaculture industry in the Arctic regions of participating countries. Efforts of R&D institutions as well as fish-breeding companies will be united in order to develop and test new technologies of fish-breeding, of elaboration and production of feeding diets and of fish health enhancement for the most popular fish breeds in arctic areas of Northern Europe and North-West Russia, incl: spotted wolffish, Arctic char, nelma and European whitefish.

The kick-off seminar opening ceremony started with the welcome word from Sergey Shirokov, director of R&D Institute "GosNIORKH" named after L.S. Berg. He underlined the importance of international cooperation in aquaculture research and great value of the project research for the fisheries science development. Natalia Tarasova, the Head Department of Fisheries Cluster Development of Agro- and Fisheries Industrial Complex Committee of the Leningrad region in the speech reported about the full support for such innovative research in aquaculture and highlighted that the administration of the region will look forward to getting informed about the success of the international research and business cooperation.

The representatives of Federal Fisheries Agency, General Basin Directorate for Fisheries and Water Conservation, Leningrad region veterinary service, Federal Breeding and Genetic Center for Fish Farming delivered a welcoming speech highlighting the importance of the research which is going to be carried out within the project.

MSTU project team involves Department of Biology and Water Bioresources, both researchers and PhD and master students. We are planning to reach not olny scientific result of making a gystology altas and developing Arctic char artificial fertilization protocols, but popularising RAS-system among SMEs by producing a study video showing step-by-step procedure of the system installation and operation start.

The project is funded by the Kolarctic CBC, EU, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Finland.