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ALE company got interested in cooperation with MSTU


Representatives of the British company ALE Peter Absalom and Sergey Shishkin had a meeting with MSTU rector Sergey Agarkov on January 30, 2019.

ALE ranks 3rd in the world in the field of heavy transportation and lifting. Peter Absalom is a non-executive director of the company, who is responsible for human resources and training for future company's projects. The company has certain interests in the Arctic projects and, therefore, the need for personnel training, both for future workers and engineers, in collaboration with the regional technical university.

The meeting was proactive and fruitful, the company’s proposal to start planning joint short-term programmes for students and cadets was supported by the MSTU administration, deadlines and curricula for them will be further discussed in due course. A memorandum of intent is planned to be signed as well.

The meeting was also attended by Vice-Rector for Research Konstantin Alloyarov, Vice-Rector for Innovation and International Cooperation Victoria Yatsenko, Director of the Institute of Arctic Technologies Mikhail Vasekha, Head of the International Cooperation Department Natalia Anikeeva.