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Statoil Announced the Fellowship Holders


November 29 the new cooperation stage between MSTU and Norwegian energy company Statoil started. Undergraduates and PhD students from the Faculty of Natural Sciences attended the cooperation agreement signing ceremony. Eight of them were given personal fellowship certificates.

In the welcome word MSTU Rector Alexander Ershov expressed his confidence in further fruitful cooperation with the company. "It’s great that we often have guests from Norway at our university", he said. "We are also very pleased to have undergraduate students and PhD students awarded Statoil personal fellowships". The Rector added that the partners are planning to carry out a research and educational project within the new cooperation agreement. The project will deal with developing environmentally friendly and efficient process fluids to operate in oil and gas industry. Apart from this, the partners continue to implement the joint project on logistics and transport in the High North together with Baltic State Technological University, North Arctic Federal University and Bodø Graduate School of Business.

"Since 2005 I have visited your university several times", said Mr. Benedikt Henriksen, Head of Industrial Relations and Procurement, Statoil Russia. "The reason why we award best MSTU students is that we expect this university to provide employees to oil and gas sector. It will be not only Statoil, but also some other companies in this industry". Mr. Henriksen mentioned that choosing eight fellowship holders was not an easy task, as the company representatives had to consider a number of criteria: academic performance, English knowledge, etc.

The Dean of the Natural Sciences Faculty Olga Fyodorova thanked Statoil for the 6-year-long cooperation with the Department of Continuum Mechanics and Offshore Oil and Gas Industry. She hoped that the joint work would be continued, which was proved by the new cooperation agreement.

Six students of the Natural Sciences Faculty were given personal fellowship certificates: Matvey Rusakov, Alexander Surnaev, Dmitri Chernov, Andrey Lohanov, Artyom Maksimov, Ekaterina Pudovkina. The fellowship certificates were also given to PhD students Denis Gontaryov and Alexander Korotaev (Department of Continuum Mechanics and Offshore Oil and Gas Industry).

For two years the fellowship holders will get monthly 4000 RUB (undergraduate students) or 5000 RUB (PhD students).