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A training seminar on Intelligent Transport Systems successfully completed


From 27 to 29 May 2014 at MSTU a training seminar was held for the participants of the international project "CITISET – Communication and information technologies to ensure safety and efficiency of traffic flow: the European-Russian-Ukrainian master’s and doctoral programs on Intelligent Transport Systems", organized by the Marine Academy together with the MSTU International Cooperation Department.

Yuri Yudin, Chief of the Naval Academy, opened the training seminar. Besides professors and graduate students of MSTU training seminar was attended by our partners from the Moscow State University of Railway Transport – MIIT (Vladimir Solovyov, Nikolai Putsko), St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation – SUAI (Vladimir Perlyuk, Alexis Medina Padron), Samara State Technical University (Nicholas Gubanov) and the Russian Institute of Radionavigation and Time (Yury Tokarev).

During the seminar reports about the problems of marine transport development were presented. The following topics were covered: the introduction of new sensors on vessels for receiving radar information, combining with the vessel navigating bridge equipment, methods of improving the reliability of information received by radiotelex communication channel. A number of questions were raised during the seminar, including improving safety of marine navigation, development of evaluation systems of the ship safety state in case of the different hardware failure and mistakes of an operator responsible for its exploitation. Besides marine transport problems, other issues concerning transport infrastructure of Murmansk and Samara as well as the questions about the environmental safety of traffic flows were discussed. The seminar participants got acquainted with the prospects of development and special features of radio navigation systems, SUAI representatives shared their experience of training specialists in the field of intelligent transport systems in the direction of instrumentation, and experts from the MIIT described the problems of information security in intelligent transport systems.

During the seminar, the participants actively discussed essential problems and tried to reach a joint decision, MSTU postgraduate students received invaluable advice and recommendations from experts on their further research work. The training seminar was not about discussions only, but afternoon, the participants went on excursions, of which the most interesting one turned out to be a visit to the vessel "Lifeguard Kavdeykin". This is a unique multi-purpose vessel which is based in the Kola Bay. It is the second emergency rescue boat, constructed within the federal target program in the shipyards of St. Petersburg. During the excursion advanced equipment to the visitors were demonstrated, which is necessary to save the crews of ship in distress and to tow them to the nearest ports, to assist sinking submarines, to ensure the environmental protection measures during the exploratory drilling operations, oil spills, etc.
The participants of the training seminar also visited a newly opened satellite navigation laboratory, the equipment for which has been financed by the project. The equipment allows to carry out laboratory work on the discipline "Satellite Positioning System", scientific experiments designed to measure features of maneuvering of the vessel while performing different key operations (mooring, towing, etc.)

Representatives of the partner universities also visited Regional Research and Production Center of vehicle certification and road safety at MSTU and Murmansk State Regional Scientific Library, where they attended
an exhibition "Secrets of Murmansk fishing diplomacy". The final stage of the training seminar was the presentation of certificates and gifts from MSTU.

The project is co-financed by the EU within the Tempus program.