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On May 28 – 30 Murmansk State Technical University held Europe Days within the scope of the project «Establishing of the EU Center in the Barents Region of Russia» implemented at the financial support of the European Union


Program of Europe Days includes: conference "Youth policy of the Russian Federation and the European Union: tendencies and international practices", The Knowledge Day "My first lesson of European languages", "Presentation conference: Journey around the European Union countries".
The Knowledge Day "My first lesson of European languages" was held at the conference hall of "Moryak" hotel on May, 29, 2012. The co-organizer of this event was Murmansk Educational Center of Foreign Languages "Logos". It was Welcome Day for everyone wishing to start, improve or master a foreign language. The main aim was to raise public awareness of the languages used in Europe, to promote cultural and linguistic diversity and to encourage people to learn languages, as well as show people how important languages are and that despite the current problems that surround relationships between European countries, there is no better way to create mutual understanding and better communication than learning each other’s languages. So citizens had an opportunity to experience the free lessons of the English, German, French and Finish languages.
Welcome Day program offered participants different activities: country brief presentation, key history facts of the languages development, lecture on language grammar and pronunciation peculiarities, workshops, interaction games, song signing and traditional English, German, French and Finish food tasting. Teachers helped the beginners to overcome language barrier. Participants highly appreciated the teachers’ proficiency both in language competence, artistic skills and lesson structure. They were pleased with the lessons they had and enjoyed the chance to have a language practice.