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BART project working meeting in Arkhangelsk May 26 during International Tourist Forum devoted to M. Lomonosov's 300-year anniversary


Members of the BART project had a working meeting in Arkhangelsk during the International Tourist Forum on May 26. The forum was held within M. Lomonosov's 300-year anniversary celebration.

The partners discussed their current work details concerning a tourist companies survey in order to find out their interest in incoming tourism developement and their demand in professional staff. The University of Lapland representatives on research and development of tourism told the partners about the future project prospects namely about the expected BART 2 project application. This suggests implementing some of the recomendations that have been worked out in the first part of the plan.

Head of MSTU International Cooperation Department Natalia Anikeeva was an active participant of the "Improving staff training system in tourism" discussion and also observed the BEAR JWG extended session on tourism.