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ArcticTED: sharing investing success stories


For a number of days in December 2021 MSTU turned into a venue to create a video series within a project by Murmansk Region Development Corporation.

These TED-style talks were initiated to motivate the young generation to choose the Murmansk Region as a place to live, study and work. Being a favoured public speaking format around the world for speakers to communicate their ideas, the organizers went for TED talk format. In the videos the investors deliver opportunities present-day school and university students will get through new investment projects launched in the region. The invited speakers are large logistics and industrial companies representatives (the Lavna Commercial Sea Port, Rusatom Cargo, NOVATEK-Murmansk, Kola MMC), and business and tourism developing companies CEOs.

ArcticTED pilot episode "Megaprojects run everyday people" features Maxim Nikolaev, Lavna Sea Port deputy CEO. In his talk M. Nikolaev shared his story working in a company implementing a large-scale anchor project for the Murmansk transport hub. The construction of the seaport started in 2021, and by the end of 2023 the terminal is expected to receive its first cargo.

"This one-of-a-kind facility is the largest coal port in the Arctic – says Nikolaev. -In the construction phase we have 1,200 employees, after the port is launched we’ll have 500. There are other things that make the project unique. It will first supply Europe with coal, and then also Asia, China and Indonesia."
The speaker also talked about the modern solutions to be introduced at the facility that will help minimize environmental impact, and invited the youth to join this ambitious project.

"XXI century dockworker" features Rusatom Cargo coastal infrastructure Chief Development Officer, Rinat Kamalov and Rusatom Cargo "Coastal Infrastructure" project Chief Manager, Nikita Gafarov giving a talk about open up prospects to high school and university students and dockworker career opportunities.

In "Too bad to stay, too good to leave" episode Kola MMC Project Manager, Pavel Egorov shared his experience working in a large investment project – metallurgic plant construction.

"Ideas never too small" episode features Victoria Orlova, the founder of "Pelmen House" meat dumpling chain, sharing how her intention to be doing something she dreamed of had ultimately led her to start an unusual business known outside Murmansk.

In "Selling love to the North and enjoying life" episode Ruslan Taran, the co-founder of "Studeny Bereg Travel" company, gave a talk on the construction of modern holiday camps by his team in the most picturesque areas of the Kola Peninsula.