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New knowledge new opportunities: the second international winter school held in Tromso


The second international winter school "Numerical methods of data presentation and analysis for engineering students and early career researchers" was held in Tromsø in January 21-25, 2019. The school was arranged with the financial support of the Barents+ programme. It was a bilateral project between UiT the Arctic University of Norway (Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology, project manager Alena Dekhtyareva) and MSTU (head of Department of Technosphere Safety Zhanna Vasilyeva).

12 students from the Institute of Arctic Technologies, teachers from the Department of Technosphere Safety and Chemistry Department (MSTU) as well as the colleagues from UiT took part in the School.

More than 30 candidates applied this year for participation in the School. Selective competition was based on the students level of English and motivation.

The Winter school programme was very busy and included introduction courses in Matlab, Autodesk Inventor Pro, ANSYS and Aspen HYSYS for solving scientific and engineering tasks. The students visited laboratories and 3D simulators of UiT, learned first-hand the main research and educational areas of the Department of Engineering and Safety. MSTU teachers Zhanna Vasilyeva, Natalia Dolgopyatova and Anastasia Shironina also gave lectures on their scientific research.

Despite the tight schedule of the Winter school the students were able to visit the aquarium Polaria, the Polar museum and even saw the Aurora Borealis above the city taking the cable car up to the mountain Storsteinen.
All the participants emphasized the relevance of the Winter school classes for the students of different programmes of the Institute of Arctic Technologies which allowed getting the basic knowledge useful for further studies and carrier within the limited time.

Summing up the School results the colleagues from UiT and MSTU also discussed future cooperation. Both sides highly appreciated active participation and interest of students and teachers in such projects and took initiative of arranging a new Winter school the next year.

The staff of the Department of Technosphere Safety expresses its sincere gratitude to the UiT project manager Alena Dekhtyareva for the perfectly arranged School as well as to all the partners from UiT for the most interesting classes, new knowledge and warm welcome!

Vladislav Sereda, a fourth-year student:
Winter School left a lot of positive emotions. It was extremely interesting to look at another university, and get to know the different educational system. UiT equipment looks remarkable simulators of ship and aircraft. The teachers were very kind to us, communicated openly and were always ready to help. Being in the UiT made me think about getting masters degree. It was also very cool to see the city of Tromsø. We even managed to catch the beautiful northern lights.

Dina Shevchenko, a fourth-year student:
I really enjoyed this trip, because it gave me the opportunity to get acquainted with the learning process in Norway and to visit such a beautiful northern city.
All teachers were understanding and interesting. I learned how to optimize my work in MatLab. I looked at the simulators, allowing to conduct practical exercises for specific areas of UIT student training.
Also we looked at the most beautiful northern lights, rising to the top of the mountain.
This trip was very exciting, because it made me feel like a real student at a Norwegian university, although only for a week.

Stepan Dzaparov, a fifth-year student:
I would like to thank the organizers for the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful program! Due to the help of great lecturers, I learned about many useful engineering programs such as HYSYS, ANSYS, Autodesk, and MATLAB. They allow you to simulate and solve problems associated with the designing and implementation of complex calculations. The lecturers of the University of Tromsø were very friendly and ready to help at any time with the solution of the task.We also managed to visit the local museum and planetarium. There were a lot of interesting things that I saw for the first time. In general, the trip turned out to be very rich and useful. I am sure that this knowledge will be helpful in further study and work!

Anastasia Velgun, a third-year student:
All conditions have been created here so that everyone can become a highly qualified specialist in any area of specialization, within the framework of the universitys competence.
Lessons in Norway start relatively early. It is not accepted to be late.
Teachers are not just researchers, but also practitioners with extensive experience. In this case, the professors are open, friendly, and not at all boring. I do not remember a single lecture in which I would like to sleep. And the most important thing is that all our lectures and practical exercises were so clearly and qualitatively explained that at the end of the classes no one had any questions left and everyone left with new knowledge.
We learned how to simplify your learning process using programs such as MatLab, Autodesk, Aspen HYSYS, because with their help you can quickly process large data arrays, simulate processes and phenomena, and most importantly, all this is done with high reliability and accuracy and also requires much less effort and time than manual work.
This internship is a great opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge, meet interesting people, visit Scandinavia and see the incredible beauty of the fjords.