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The second stage of the international school Fisheries Management in the Barents region a Step towards Sustainable Development has started


A group of students and professors from the University of Tromsø the Arctic University of Norway came to Murmansk on September 28 to participate in the second stage of the annual international school "Fish management in the Barents Euro-Arctic region a step towards sustainable development". The second stage takes place from September 28 to October 4 at MSTU with the participation of Knipovich Polar Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography (PINRO).

Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Liudmila Gerashchenko made welcoming remarks to the school participants, stressing the importance of such educational project in a foreground area of expertise for the university and the region.

During the first day of school, Norwegian and Russian participants attended to the two lectures. Doctor of Biology, Professor, Head of the Biology Department Elena Shoshina presented the lecture "The usage of macroalgae in the Barents and the White seas". Professor, PhD in Biology Valentina Anokhina presented to the international school participants the lecture "Modern development of aquaculture in the North basin". It should be emphasized that both lectures were in English.

The school weekly programme is going to be full of lectures, meetings with the executive authorities representatives and entrepreneurs, involved in solving the Murmansk region fisheries questions. Norwegian students also will have the opportunity to explore the city.