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I International research and practice Internet-Conference «Innovative directions of contemporary international relationships»


The Faculty of Global Economy and International Relations invites you to participate in the I International research and practice Internet-Conference "Innovative directions of contemporary international relationships",
the results of which will be summarized in May 2012. We would like to invite representatives of different higher educational institutions to participate in the conference.

The Conference will cover a wide spectrum of topics and aspects of partnership in the North-Arctic region, condition and regulations of the international economic interaction, political and economic integration, and international cooperation in contemporary education system.
1.The Arctic region – a platform for the international economic cooperation.
2.Ecological safety in the North-Arctic region: European experience.
3.The problems of biological resources development in the Arctic open waters.
4.Internet as an instrument of contemporary policy – viewpoint of the world social network.
5.The role and influence of contemporary regional political and economical integration on security in Europe and Asia.
6.The role of WTO in the system of contemporary international economic relations.
7.The role of international funds in the development of social and economic society stability.
8.International legal personality of transnational corporations.
9.The form and practical aspects of cooperation in the system of contemporary international education and multicultural relations.
10.The third EU energy package as an instrument for the European energy market regulation.
11.Practical aspects and problems of migration and labor market development: view from Russia and other European countries.

The Conference will be finalized by a video conferencing and the most interesting articles will be selected for publishing.

Abstracts and participant application form are to be submitted until April 15, 2012.
If you are interested to participate in the Conference, for more detailed information, please contact:
Murmansk State Technical University
Sportivnaya Str. 13, Murmansk, 183010, Russia
International Cooperation Department
Contact person – Elena Moiseenko
E-mail: moiseenkoea@mstu.edu.ru
Telefax: + 7 8152 23 31 12