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Network of Environmental Training and Education for Sustainable Development of the Arctic (NETESDA) under UArctic


On the 22nd – 26th of November representatives of Murmansk State Technical University – Svetlana Tretyakova, associate professor, Ecology and Environmental Engineering department, and Elena Moiseenko, International Activities Coordinator, International Cooperation Department, visited Syktyvkar State University and took part in the International round table "Network of Environmental Training and Education for Sustainable Development of the Arctic (NETESDA). International Summer School 2012. Financing and prospects".
Syktyvkar State University proposes to use existing Russian and international expertise and practical experience in the field of environmental education and training for creation Network of Environmental Training and Education for Sustainable Development of the Arctic (NETESDA) under the guidance of UArctic.
This Thematic Network will focus on creating and developing an effective model to promote environmental education for schools and higher educational institutions, but also for other relevant institutions of the Circumpolar North, through establishment of a network consortium of partner universities and relevant UArctic members. This model should serve as an effective interactive educational space for the implementation of theoretical and practical goals of environmental education, development of interactive tutorials, distance learning, and sharing experiences through the mobility of students and teachers.
This seminar on the development of NETESDA Network had many guests from Russian and foreign educational institution and administrative bodies: Ministry of Education of Komi Republic, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Komi Republic (Syktyvkar), Komi State Pedagogical Institute (Syktyvkar), Ukhta State Technical University (Ukhta), Syktyvkar Forest Institute (Syktyvkar), Murmansk State Technical University (Murmansk), National Research University, Higher School of Economics (Moscow), Nents Agrarno-Economical Technical School (Naryan-Mar), University de Versailles, France, University of Northern British Columbia, Canada, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway, collaborating centre of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Norway and others.
All educational institutions came to a decision to support the development this thematic network, enter into it and work actively in cooperation with all partner-universities.

During the workshop the possibilities and particular steps in the planning stage of the network development were discussed as well as the stages of international summer school organization and implementation. NETESDA International Summer School on Environmental Training and Education 2012 is planning to be held in July 2012. The areas of responsibilities on summer school organization were distributed among the partner-universities and defined possible contributions of each university.
The main goals of summer school (which is planning to be held annually) are interdisciplinary approach to study ecology of the North, formation of "ecologically oriented" consciousness. Students will have the opportunity to exchange experience with the representatives of other countries in the sphere of anthropology, forest management, ecology of the Arctic region under the development of oil-and-gas technologies on the shelf and others.

Summer school 2012 will become one of main tools for achievement of network objectives – creation of innovative environmental education in Circumpolar Area, promotion of international cooperation, expertise and knowledge exchange, facilitating the development of interdisciplinary approach in the sphere of ecology and environmental education. So the students of Murmansk State Technical University will be offered an opportunity to take part in the International Summer School and exchange cross-cultural and international knowledge in the environment protection sphere.