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On May 28 – 30 Murmansk State Technical University held Europe Days within the scope of the project «Establishing of the EU Center in the Barents Region of Russia» implemented at the financial support of the European Union


Program of Europe Days includes: conference "Youth policy of the Russian Federation and the European Union: tendencies and international practices", The Knowledge Day "My first lesson of European languages", "Presentation conference: Journey around the European Union countries".
Conference "Youth policy of the Russian Federation and the European Union: tendencies and international practices" was held at the conference hall of Park Inn Radisson Poliarnie Zori on May 28, 2012.
The aim of the conference was to outline the youth problems which are pressing on the local and international level.
The representatives of Murmansk office of the Consulate General of Finland, public youth organizations and centers, State Committees for Youth Affairs of Murmansk and Murmansk region as well as professors, lectures, students, PhD students and researches of Murmansk State Technical University, International Institute of Business Education, Murmansk State Humanities University took part in the conference.
Rector of MSTU, Alexander Ershov and Mr. Martti Ruokokoski, Consul of Murmansk office of the Consulate General of Finland opened the conference and addressed to participants with words of welcome.
The following panel discussion topics were covered:
"The world trends in the youth policy development through the examples of EU countries", "Implementing the state youth policy in Murmansk", "Youth policy as a response to challenges and risks of modern age in the context of regional identity", "Youth policy in the Northern countries", "The European – Russian Youth Forum 2012 "EU and Russia: Topical Trends in the Dialogue", "Alternative policy through the examples of Youth House "Mr Pink", "International youth and students’ movement "Think Mental Fashion": correct communication channels as a key to success", "Cooperation arrangements between students in Murmansk city".
During the presentations speakers broached many subjects such as:
– Main trends of Youth State policy in Russia and EU
– Role of governmental and public youth organizations and funds in youth initiative supporting and solving youth problems in Russia and EU
– Patriotic education of young citizens
– The formation of their legal and political culture
– Motivation for the conscious, responsible and active participation in public life of the region and the country as a whole
– Spiritual and moral education of the young as well as steps taken to improve conditions for active and effective participation of the young in social and economic life of society
– Improvement of the young people’s educational level and their willingness to work
– Promotion of healthy lifestyles in Russia and EU
– Improvement of the social protection of youth and young families in Russia and EU
– Organization of leisure activities for the young people in Russia and UE countries
– Development of youth tourism and the international youth cooperation.

After the presentations the round-table discussion "Important issues of our time from the prospective of young people in Europe and Russia" took place. Participants discussed issues related to Russia-EU relations and different youth problems. Within the scope of the round table, experts and students have discussed possible ways to solve current problems: youth unemployment, drug addiction, migration problems, as well as threats stemming from the rise of national extremism in Europe.
In the framework of conference all participants had possibility to become familiar with the culture of the one of EU states – Ireland and take part in the Irish dancing workshop. They had presentation about Irish music and dance culture development and then they could watch and enjoy old and new styles of Irish dance. Participants were also welcome to join in and everyone on the spot under the dancers’ instruction could quickly master the first steps and soon shared the Irish enthusiasm for Irish dance.