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MSTU representatives took part in Minisymposium: Green Construction in the Barents Region and the project meeting within the framework of «Green Arctic Building» project (KO 1089 -GrAB)


The University of Oulu (Finland) hosted Miniymposium: Green Construction in the Barents Region and a working meeting dedicated to the implementation of the international project Green Arctic Building-GrAB on February 26th – 27th , 2020.

Members of the international consortium comprised of partner universities: the Arctic University of Norway (Norway), the University of Oulu (Finland), Umeå University (Sweden), Murmansk State Technical University, Petrozavodsk State University and a Kolarctic representative attended the Minisymposium.
There were given presentations on various topics within the framework of "Green Building" project. Zh. V. Vasilieva, Head of the Department of Technosphere Safety, gave a report on "Air Pollution Survey of the City of Murmansk with regard to Industry Activity and Transportation", O. M. Popova, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Construction, spoke on "Implementation Results on Work Package 1 "Green Technologies ". V. N. Stroianovskaia, Senior Officer of the Department of International Cooperation, read a report prepared by S. Iu. Buriachenko, the head of the Department of Construction "City -Planning Features of the Kola Peninsula Urban Areas Development". Ia. M. Karachentseva, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Construction, MSTU and A. A. Kuzmenkov, Associate Professor of the Department of Organization of Building Production, PetrSU gave a joint report on "Model Object Design Solutions within the "Green Arctic Building" Project".

The results of the first year of work on the project and plans for the upcoming year were discussed at the working meeting. The international steering group highly evaluated the results of the work done over the previous period.