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Innovative lab launched at MSTU


Murmansk State Technical University hosted the opening of innovative green construction laboratory on January, 28th.
The implementation of this one-of-a-kind project is made possible through cooperation between researchers from Norway, Finland, Sweden and Russia. The main objective of the project is to construct two identical labs which will facilitate research in the field of eco-friendly and energy-efficient construction technologies applicable for harsh climate conditions in the Arctic.
Svetlana Derkach, MSTU acting rector, highlighted that "Green Arctic Building" (KO-1089 GrAB) project is one of the priority projects at the university: "The model object was constructed within Kolarctic CBC programme. That’s a big honour that the results of such a project implemented at the university will be beneficial for the construction sector both in our region and in Sweden, Finland and Norway."
Planning, preparatory, and construction works are successfully finalized, and both model objects- in the Botanical Garden of Petrozavodsk State University and on Murmansk State Technical University campus are ready to take in researchers and educational institutions’ staff, university and school students.
"Green building is one of the most widely discussed topics in the field of construction, – commented Svetlana Buriachenko, GrAB project leader, associate professor at the Department of Construction, Power Engineering and Transport. – In real practice there is no confirmed by studies information that certain materials and technologies or tested solutions are instrumental for eco-friendly and energy-efficient construction in the Arctic. This ambiguity ultimately led us to the construction of the model objects where we will give a trial to certain technological and engineering solutions and further on develop recommendations for construction in the High North."
The specifics of this cross-disciplinary project implemented at MSTU and PetrSU and one of the most difficult, yet successfully completed tasks was to build two identical houses within the same timeframe and fit in equal engineering equipment. Once all the works are finalized, the model objects will serve as research platforms to look into sustainability of the technologies and materials applied. The valuable findings obtained will help MSTU researchers to write a manual on how to construct "green" buildings and create comfortable living environment which will reduce the environmental impact.
"I’m anticipating to see the results of the research conducted in this lab which will be of use to choose this or that construction method based on the research findings," said Vladislav Sandurski, vice- governor of the Murmansk Region.
The model object will be incorporated both as a venue to conduct research activities, to hold workshops, seminars and meetings to demonstrate the application of new "green" solutions, and as an educational facility for students.

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