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MSTU Young Researchers Participated in International Conference Arctic Fromtiers in Norway


The 13th International Conference "Arctic Frontiers of 2019 Smart Arctic" was held in the Norwegian city of Tromsø from January 20 to January 24, 2019. This conference provides a forum for dialogue and communication between science, government and industry in the Arctic.

In the conference side event Murmansk State Technical University was represented by the PhD student Andrei Glukharev, studying at the programme 19.06.01 "Industrial Ecology and Biotechnology" (orientation "Technology of Meat, Dairy and Fish Products and Refrigerating"), and master student Sofia Barabashina, studying at the programme 19.04.03 "Food of animal origin" (orientation "Technology of Foodstuff from Water Raw Products"). They presented a poster report on the topic "New Functional Product: Fish Paste Enriched in Atlantic Cod Liver Fat Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids."

During the poster session held on two days, Andrei and Sophia were glad to answer questions on the topic of the report by both Russian and foreign colleagues. Researchers managed to establish scientific contacts with some of them.

This year's conference programme consisted of seven main sessions under the following titles:
State of the Arctic,
Power of Knowledge,
Smart and Sustainable Arctic Communities,
Ocean of Health. Blue Growth through Green Thinking,
Arctic Seafood and Food Security,
Prospects for Marine and Mineral Resources,
Arctic sea routes.

Researchers from MSTU took part in parallel scientific sections on ocean plastics, future management and vulnerabilities in Arctic ecosystems, the state of the Arctic, and the smart Arctic future (smart technologies).