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The representative of Wintershall Russland GmbH visited MSTU March 26, 2015


Julia Lebedeva, representative of Wintershall Russland GmbH, visited MSTU March 26 2015
During the visit Yulia Lebedeva visited the Department of International Cooperation, Department of Continuum Mechanics, Oil and Gas Engineering Department, the Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection, and met with students of the Faculty of Arctic technologies as well.
During meetings with heads of departments and the head of the International Cooperation Department Yulia Lebedeva learned about experience of international cooperation between oil and gas companies and MSTU, and visited practical training conducted for the students of the Faculty of Arctic technologies in research laboratories at the Department of Continuum Mechanics and Oil and Gas Engineering. In addition to meetings with faculty members Julia Lebedeva met with senior students of the Faculty of Arctic Technologies and invited them to participate in the international contest – Young Vision Award.
"Gazprom International" and Wintershall Russland GmbH hold an annual Young Vision Award contest among students of German and Russian universities. The competition is dedicated to an urgent issue of environmental safety during oil production.
"The contest started in 2013. We selected four teams from the universities of Germany and Russia that time. 12 teams of students took part in the competition las year. And this year we are holding the third round. What does this competition offer students? We position it as an international contest, an international platform for communication, so the competition is held in English. This year we offer students the task to develop a project aimed at improving the environmental safety in oil and gas production", noted Yulia Lebedeva.
According to Yulia Lebedeva, 3-5 – year students are invited to participate in the competition. Good command of English and a valid foreign passport are required.
The jury consisting of experts from different countries will evaluate projects. Winners of the competition that will be defined in September will be able to have a 1-week on the job training in one of the departments of Wintershall Russland GmbH and "Gazprom International".