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To Be an Exchange Teacher is both an Interesting and Responsible Task!


The lecturer of Murmansk State Technical University Saida Ibatullina was an exchange teacher at the UiT – The Arctic University of Norway (Finnmark campus) from 16th to 21st of March 2014. It is her second trip within the academic mobility programme as for the first time Saida Ibatullina gave a course at the Norwegian university in November 2013.

Studies were arranged as an intensive course taught to two groups of students every day per 3 academic hours. The teacher used various language activities at the lessons: reading, speaking, listening. Students also learned poems in Russian and acquired some knowledge about Russian national aspects. The Russian language course combined audience of all ages from 20 to 70 years old. Saida Ibatullina believes that the main thing one should remember if to paraphrase a famous Russian classical poet is that "all ages are to studies submissive".

It is essential to note the growing interest and motivation of Norwegian students and teachers in connection with the increased number of Russian students coming to Norway within the academic mobility programmes and after graduating from Russian universities to continue their studies. The University of Tromsø has the aim to extend cooperation with Russian universities including MSTU; similar experience of academic exchange among teachers contributes to the establishment of closer relationships and finding mutual research interests among academic and teaching staff of both universities.

Such experience of academic exchange became possible thanks to the regional scholarship programme supporting co-operation between institutions of higher education in the Norwegian and Russian part of the Barents region "Barents Plus".