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Teachers’ Intensive Training Course in Riga


MSTU representatives visited TSI classrooms, special rooms for distance learning, equipped with modern communication devices and took part in interactive lectures realized by means of modern multimedia audio and visual telecommunication devices. The guests were shown an advanced aviation training complex as a full scale real life model of AirBus 320 used for training of engineering, technician and service stuff as well as were also introduced to a broad spectrum of simulator facilities. Finally after several attempts the guest were able to take off the simulated plane model.
During the meeting participants discussed prospects of future MSTU Students Mobility and Training in TTI and development of bilateral cooperation.
TTI has a wide experience in distance learning education which is useful for the next steps of the CITISET project realization.
The participants came to a conclusion that MSTU and TTI cooperation could provide MSTU students a precious opportunity to take European level education in the field of Marine Intelligent Transport Systems.

The project is co-financed from EU TEMPUS funding