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Teachers from Lapland University of Applied Sciences have given lectures to MSTU students


On April 12-14 2016 MSTU Marine Institute students of the specialization fields "Computer Science and Engineering", "Information Systems and Technologies", "Applied Information Science" had a course of lectures in English.

The lectures "Wordpress content management system for making webpages" and "Trends in digital marketing and e-commerce" were presented by the teachers from Lapland University of Applied Sciences (Tornio, Finland) Mr. Mika Saloheimo and Ms. Liisa Koivisto.

Ms. Liisa Koivisto has been working in information technologies sphere for more than 10 years. 11 years ago she graduated from the university where she now teaches. Apart from that, Liisa is the owner of two companies producing software development. During her lectures Liisa told the students about some nuances of creating Wordpress web pages.

Mr. Mika Saloheimo teaches digital marketing in Tornio. From his lectures students learned why e-commerce is becoming increasingly popular in the recent years. Mr. Saloheimo stressed that global e-commerce would soon be able to compete with conventional trade.

"This is my first visit to Russia, and Im very pleased to be at MSTU. I am interested in your university. Id like to know what educational programs are available here and what research you do", Mr. Saloheimo said.

In addition, the guest lecturers invited students to take part in the selection of candidates for the Arctic Summer School which will be held in the year 2017.