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New international project «Establishment of the EU Center in the Barents Area of Russia» started in December 2011


International Cooperation Department is pleased to announce that the project "Establishment of the EU Center in the Barents Area of Russia" received funding and officially started in December 2011. Project activities will be aimed at improving the existing courses on the EU issues and developing new English language courses; supporting researches on the EU issues; organizing annual informative and the EU awareness rising events: EU Center Open Days, Europe Days, annual International Summer school, trainings and seminars for students, lecturers, decision-makers, business organizations, mass media, NGOs and general public in the Barents area of Russia.
A consortium of Russian universities of the Barents region was set up for project implementation. On the 24th of January the kick-off meeting was held among partner-universities. The partners discussed organizational issues, roles and responsibilities, their current work details. It is obvious that successful implementation of the project will demand of university faculties and departments great joint work.
The project is planned for 2011 – 2014. The total project budget will be around 0.5 million Euros.