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Intensive work guidance and working methods course in Petrozavodsk


The main object of the course is experience exchange of the partner-universities in a variety of issues relevant to the following Master degrees – Information technology, Comparative Social Work and Barents Environmental Engineering.
Under discussion there were questions concerning the structure, quality, volume of Master thesis. Also a question of student field practice providing was taken into account. According to the head of BCBU+ project Tarja Orjasniemi this meeting was dedicated mostly to elaboration of recommendations for students in different practice lessons and Master thesis.
One of the most important questions turned out to be under strong discussion was plagiarism in Master thesis. All of the participants were unanimous in the opinion of thorough verification of the works and strict measures taken against pirates as the most effective means in this case.

The course took place in the Virtual Class equipped recently from the project funds for providing on-line learning in the form of lectures and presentations. We are pleased to mention that among the first ones who were able to test it turned out to be MSTU lecturers Yana Glukhikh and Anna Yashkina. They took part in the Internet linkup with Narvik University College focused on the discussion of the working Master programmes in MSTU and Narvik.