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Wonderful study experience was obtained by MSTU students in Tromsш


A group of MSTU students and teachers returned from the study trip from the University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway. This visit was held from 14 to 20 September 2014 in the framework of the annual international school "Fisheries Management in the Barents region – a Step towards Sustainable Development".

A series of lectures prepared by the leading experts from the Biology, Fisheries Management and Economics Departments of the University of Tromsø were presented to the students. Many areas of study and use of marine, coastal and freshwater resources in Norway were covered by the lectures. Also special attention was paid to the close and fruitful cooperation with the Russian scientific, educational and industrial organizations.

Participating MSTU students were with various backgrounds, e.g. from "Biology", "Technosphere Safety", "International Relations" and "World Economy" programmes. That’s why professors from the University of Tromsø tried to emphasize the interdisciplinary links during discussions at the lectures which included a large variety of topics, such as: "From the Pomor trade to the joint Norwegian-Russian development of marine resources," "Fish diseases and fish disease prevention," "Environment planning for the development of coastal fisheries and aquaculture", "Creating special protection areas in the coastal marine zone", etc.

The lectures were presented in English that gave the students an opportunity to be immersed in the international academic community where a live and direct dialogue between the teaching staff and students from both universities allowed MSTU students to discuss many pressing issues and challenges for young professionals in the informal atmosphere over a cup of coffee.

In addition to lectures, students were given an opportunity to visit the research laboratory of the North Atlantic fish breeding. MSTU group was shown all the stages of fish cultivation from spawn to large individuals, feeding technology, fish care, as well as a unique filtration system and water preparation for the experiments and scientific research.

The students had the opportunity to get acquainted with the activities of Finnmark fishing Directorate. Also they visited Norwegian Fish Sales and Export Organization where they discussed questions related to the industry legislation, the development of competitive advantages of Norwegian fish products, export enterprise strategies on fishing, cultivation and biological resources sale. Special emphasis was put on maintaining good neighbourly and mutually beneficial relations between our two countries. This project proves to be a perfect example of such a cooperation and brings together scientific, educational, cultural and economic potential of the two countries.

The second part of the "fisheries school" as it is informally called by both universities will be held at MSTU from September 28 to October 4, 2014. A group of Norwegian students and teachers will get acquainted with the Russian experience in the fisheries and fish resources development.