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MSTU students will go through English language testing in autumn semester


April 21, 2015 a methodological seminar on testing students and teachers in English was held at MSTU. The results of this testing will show the EF EPI index and what rating place MSTU takes in the complex world ranking of English proficiency among the adult population.

Participants were interested to know what place among the BRIC countries (Brazil, India, China, Russia) is taken by Russia. Together with the representatives of the world testing organizer, Education First company, the faculty and international cooperation department staff tried to analyze the reasons for such a low level of English proficiency in the Russian Federation compared with European countries, the proportion of the distribution by gender and age lines.

It is worth noting that Russia ranks second after India in the four BRIC countries. North-western and the central economic district gives mid-level EF EPI which is the highest in Russia after the administrative centers of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Modern trends give hope that the younger generation, which also includes the student community, will lead Russia to a new EPI level which undoubtedly will affect the attractiveness of the Russian Federation in terms of humanitarian contacts, business development and internationalization of education.

The first test will be organized at the beginning of the next academic year. It is planned that the test will not only be organised for MSTU students but for teaching staff as well.