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Fair winds! MSTU and power generation company Enel Russia signed a memorandum of cooperation


On December 21, our university signed a memorandum of academic cooperation with a high-tech company and a strategic partner of the Murmansk region – Enel Russia.

The key objective of this paper is the establishment and further development of academic, scientific and cultural cooperation between MSTU and Enel Russia. In particular, the cooperation will be aimed at educational and scientific activities in the field of innovation in the energy sector, environmental protection, labor and industrial safety, social studies, as well as other areas related to the development of the electric power industry and sustainable development practices.

Sergey Dubrovin, Vice-rector for strategic development, noted that our university has been successfully training qualified staff for the fuel and energy industries and expressed his great interest in long-term and fruitful cooperation with the company.

"The fuel and energy complex has great prospects in terms of innovation, development and new technologies, including alternative ways of producing energy," Sergey Dubrovin explained. – Signing a memorandum with Enel Russia will allow the university to introduce company’s experience into educational process in the field of green energy, as well as to conduct joint scientific research in the field of energy security."

Stephane Maurice Zweguintzow, General Director of Enel Russia, commented: "The signing of a memorandum with MSTU is our next important contribution to the development and cooperation with the Murmansk region. Given the fact that we are building the Kola Wind Farm, the largest wind farm in the High North, it is very important for us to develop workforce potential in the region and help introduce innovations and new technologies to train international level professionals."

Yuri Fomin, Deputy Governor of the Murmansk region, noted the great prospects for cooperation between MSTU and Enel Russia. He emphasized: "Cooperation should be carried out not only in terms of training highly qualified personnel. In the future, MSTU should become a landfill for conducting advanced research, developing new technologies and their subsequent implementation in a particular industry."

Further plans also include internships and company scholarships to MSTU students for academic achievements.
After the ceremony our guests visited the laboratory of the Department of Construction, Energy and Transport of MSTU opened in October 2021. The equipment installed in it allows students to get acquainted with the processes of thermodynamics, hydraulics and heat and mass exchange. The university campus tour included the navigation simulator complex of the Maritime Academy Institute and the 3D laboratory of oil and gas processes of the Institute of Arctic Technologies.