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MSTU will start research in the field of marine logistics in the Arctic


National borders cross Arctic transport systems infrastructure at sea. Limited opportunities for cross-border transport affect the prerequisites for economic growth.

Within the framework of an international research project, logistics solutions will be studied that ensure economic and environmental efficiency for the Barents region. The project will unite efforts of scientific organizations, universities and companies.

The establishment of a competence centre in Kirkenes is also expected. In addition, the results of the project will be an important contribution to the Barents Joint Transport Plan.

The representative of the grantee, head of the Center for Logistics in the Far North (CHNL) Kjell Stockwick noted that this project is an important stage in cooperation with Russia in the development of sustainable transport solutions for the Barents region.

– Such projects demonstrate strong and active cross-border cooperation in the Far North in research and knowledge transfer, and demonstrate the diversity of forms of cooperation in the Barents region. A new understanding is always important, and we wish the researchers all the best in the upcoming work, "said State Secretary of the Norwegian Foreign Ministry Marta Tsiolkovsky.

As part of Norway's chairmanship of the Barents Regional Working Group of the Euro-Arctic Transport and Logistics Council (BEATA), the Norwegian Research Council has announced grants for research cooperation in health, social welfare and business development in the Barents region. Special attention is paid to research in the field of logistics and transport development.

MSTU became one of two Russian universities involved in a partnership consortium of a new three-year project.