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Nothing affects Russian-Norwegian cooperation


Who would have thought that anniversary X Days of Russian-Norwegian Border Cooperation would take place in an unusual mixed format given the epidemiological restrictions.
The key topic was the prospects for the development of bilateral cooperation at the regional and municipal levels in modern conditions. Representatives of regional and municipal authorities of both countries, scientific, educational and public organizations took part in meeting.

Natalia Vedishcheva, vice speaker of the Murmansk Regional Parliament noted that the pandemic created many challenges for us and our joint projects. However, when a crisis emerges like what we are now facing, it is especially important to maintain contacts and public diplomacy. Nothing will replace personal meetings, exchange of opinions, although we are now limited by the online format.

Russia's Consul General in Kirkenes Nikolay Konygin announced the innovation of next year – electronic visas for entering Russia. The e- visa allows tourism, business, humanitarian, guest trips with a maximum stay of 16 days in the Russian Federation. For such a visa, you do not need to hand over documents and attach a visa to your passport.

We faced negative impacts on international cooperation in a post-Covid-19 era but we successfully are keep working: developing Norwegian-Russian cooperation in the field of Aquaculture and Fisheries and on projects such as creating a marine cluster.

The program is supposed to be really interesting: it includes workshop "Cross-border Arctic Cuisine" with cooking dishes from northern food (the workshop will be streaming from the Social Projects Centre of the Pechenga Region "Vtoraya Shkola" of the border village Nickel; business workshop, International scientific and practical conference "Safety of Arctic Frontiers: Ecology, History, Images of the Future"; teleconference with youth and other.

MSTU was represented by Natalia Anikeeva, Head of the International Cooperation Department.