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Working On-Line in BCBU+


November 14-18 the University of Oulu (Finland)held a study course "Working on-line in BCBU+" within Barents Cross Border University Development Project. Teachers from partner universities of Finland, Norway and Russia (Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Petrozavodsk) took part in the course. MSTU was represented by Natalia Plyusnina, Senior Lecturer of the Ecology and Environmental Protection Department and Yuri Kuznetsov, PhD, Head of the Social Work and Theology Department.

The BCBU+ project is supported by EU within the Kolarctic European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (www.kolarcticenpi.info). It will be carried out during the years 2011-2013 and has the following objectives:
– developing a virtual campus to implement the "Social Work" and "Environmental Engineering" Master's programmes;
– creating a virtual library to provide research and study materials from partner universities to the students.

The study course in Ouly was arranged in order to increase university teachers' competence in using information technologies for distant learning. BCBU+ steering group has chosen the OPTIMA system as the basic e-learning tool. This system has been used for 10 years in various educational projects and has a number of distinct advantages: continious improvement to meet the users' needs, available audio and video sourses and multiple lecture viewing, online discussions between teachers and students, different test forms to monitor students' progress. The participants also had a chance to contact Lulea University during a web-conference session.

At the moment MSTU is going to buy the e-learning equipment and arrange a number of trainings for teachers involved in BCBU+. This will enable the teachers to start working via the OPTIMA system.

The project is supported by EU within "ENPI CBC Kolarctic" programme