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Study Visits to EU Universities Within CITISET Project


The choice of the institutions was not made at random as both are extremely popular on the market of European education specializing for many years in training specialists in the area of Transport Management and Traffic Flows Optimization.
The representatives were provided an opportunity to take a look at laboratory facilities and teaching materials relevant to the field of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). At University of Norrkoping MSTU delegates could also take part in the discussion of promising lines of future PhD thesis and happened to visit Dissertation Defense. And besides within the Study Visits there were developed core part drafts of ITS Master program study plans of partner-universities of Russia and Ukraine and confirmed further project activities until the end of 2012.
All experience and information obtained within the Study Visits are of high importance for MSTU Marine Academy which teaching staff has been taking an active part in the development of Master Program in Marine Intelligent Transport Systems. The last means training specialists with knowledge and skills to handle and operate advanced aboard navigation automated systems as well as develop and use software of intelligent processing navigation data from shipboard sensors. In other words, opening this specialization in Marine Academy will contribute to continue education for graduates of Ship Navigation Department at the advanced level. And that can guarantee prospective of steady career and scientific growth at the background of supposed high specialist shortfall by 2015 caused by developing Murmansk transport hub.
MSTU was represented by academic experts: Alexander Suslov, Ass. Pr. of Radiotechnology and Radiotelecommunications Systems Department; Sergey Plotnikov, Ass. Pr. of Information Systems and Applied Mathematics Department; Nikolay Porunov, Head of Education and Quality Management Department; Tomas Maikov, Deputy Head of Education and Quality Management Department; Ekaterina Zvonkova and Nataliya Ostapchenko, CITISET Project Coordinators in MSTU.