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MSTU and «Gazprom Neft» discussed further cooperation


February 4, 2021, a working meeting was held between MSTU management and representatives of "Gazprom Neft". The participants of this meeting discussed the new concept of the current advanced training program "Procurement and Logistics of Oil and Gas Offshore Projects " as well as outlined the further cooperation vectors.
"Gazprom Neft" in cooperation with partner universities, including MSTU, is going to launch an updated flexible educational program on procurement and logistics over the next two years. Each student will have an opportunity to choose a set of disciplines for his/her particular tasks and needs and undergo training not only offline, but also online.

MSTU and "Gazprom Neft" discussed the possibility of a company representative to be included in the university supervisory board and will also continue the project work on the "University League" platform.

MSTU introduced a university congress hall project – an up to date business space for joint activities (between MSTU and "Gasprom Neft") such as lectures and seminars, working meetings and thematic events for a wide range of audience.

Following the results of the event, MSTU received an agreement in principle to introduce a new concept of the current advanced training program. "Gazprom Neft" representatives noted the high level of MSTU involvement on the "University League" platform.

Since 2018, MSTU and "Gazprom Neft" have been implementing a joint advanced training program "Procurement and Logistics of Oil and Gas Offshore Projects". It is aimed at training specialists with unique competencies in the field of logistics in the Arctic. The high level of program studies is ensured by company employees, leading Russian experts, MSTU academic staff and partner universities in the programs development and implementation.

"University League" is a "Gazprom Neft" project that aims to develop partnerships with Russian higher educational institutions. The "University League" digital platform creates a single space for communication with partner universities, opens access to the universities resources, research centers and the company and creates a single joint projects base. The project already includes 24 universities from 13 regions of Russia.
Developing the platform, expanding the list of partner universities and finding solutions for current and strategic tasks of the company and the industry are further plans of this project.
The Government of the Murmansk Region and "Gazprom Neft Shelf" will strengthen cooperation in the development of offshore projects: Vesti Murman News

Interview with the Head of Import Substitution Programme, Department of Technology Partnerships and Import Substitution "Gaszprom Neft", chief researcher at the Institute of Economic Problems of the KSC RAS, Honorary Doctor of Moscow State Technical University, Alexei Fadeev for "Murmansk Vestnik".