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Prospects UAVs in the Arctic and other topics of scientific cooperation discussed with Polar Geophysical Institute


January 20, 2022, a working meeting was held between the leadership of MSTU and the Polar Geophysical Institute.

During the meeting, the parties discussed issues of cooperation in the framework of international cooperation, as well as in relation to higher education.

The possibilities of using unmanned aerial vehicles in the Arctic are very extensive. They can be used for environmental monitoring, for measuring the thickness of the ice cover, for use in the ionospheric inclined sensing system. These and other areas of application were discussed in detail with Igor Mingalev, PGI director, and Konstantin Orlov and Alexander Gomanov, deputy directors for research. The colleagues agreed that it is advisable to solve these scientific problems related to UAVs in the Arctic with the involvement of foreign partners from Norway and the Czech Republic.

As for the cooperation between MSTU and PGI in the field of higher education, representatives of PGI confirmed the acute shortage of young specialists. At the same time, strengthening ties will allow students to have internship at the Polar Geophysical Institute, and in the future – to be employed and get the opportunity to try the career in research activities. PGI, on their side, will contribute to the rise of interest in science by giving lectures.