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MSTU is celebrating its 70th birthday


On January 11, 2020, Murmansk State Technical University turned 70 years old.

Murmansk Higher Marine School was founded on the basis of the Order of the Council of Ministers of the USSR of January 11, 1950. This was the first higher educational institution in the world that prepared personnel for work on vessels of the fishing fleet.

Murmansk is a port city located on the Eastern shore of Kola Bay and offers direct access to one of the largest seas in the world – the Barents Sea, with its rich fishing banks around the coast of the Kola Peninsula. Seventy years ago the warm-water port was already operational and this gave the possibility for ships to arrive and depart all year round. Thus building the Higher Marine School here was a great idea.

In the first half of the last century establishing the fishing industry of the country began in Murmansk. So the largest center of the fishing industry in the North was created. In the post-war period there was a technical reequipment of the fishing industry fleet. It was continuously supplemented by the latest mining, transport and other types of vessels. In turn, the maintenance of new equipment required the training of highly qualified marine engineers to work on ships directly at sea.
During 70 years of its history, the university has constantly developed. The number of directions and specialties grew, the technical capability was expanded, intellectual potential has accumulated and increased. By following these changes, the names of the university were changed.

Murmansk Higher Marine School (MHMS) – 1950-1969.

Murmansk Higher Engineering Marine School (MHEMS). Such a name more accurately reflected the essence of the educational institution work – 1969-1975.

Murmansk Higher Engineering Marine School is awarded the honorary name of Lenin Komsomol. The school received such a title for its services in the training of engineering personnel for the fishing industry fleet and in connection with the 25th anniversary – 1975-1992.

Murmansk State Fishing Fleet Academy (MSFFA). This enables the establishment of "non-marine" faculties.

Murmansk State Fishing Fleet Academy is reorganized into Murmansk State Technical University – from 1996 to the present. Its education and research areas broaden.

Today MSTU is the largest scientific and educational center of the Kola Peninsula. Marine education is still one of the university priorities.

Nearly 70 thousand specialists graduated from the Murmansk State Technical University throughout its 70-year history

They work on modern large-tonnage vessels of the fishing industry fleet in all basins of Russia, ship repair facilities, fishing ports, research and educational institutions, companies in more than 50 countries of the world. Many graduates of Murmansk State Technical University work in state and public organizations.