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Israel – MSTU: mutual interest


The first vice-rector of MSTU Lyudmila Gerashchenko welcomed the delegation headed by the General Consul of Israel Michael Lotem. She acquainted guests with priorities of our University and with plans for the future prospects.

In turn, Mr. Lotem showed a keen interest to the experience of the Murmansk State Technical University for training specialists of fishery and oil and gas industries. The fact is that Israel has its own experience of the fishing industry, and, in addition, this country is the undisputed global leader in water resources protection technology, which, undoubtedly, is among the priorities of the MSTU University.

Annually Israel allocates about $ 400 million to subsidize companies engaged in the research and implementation of new technologies.

Many business forums are regularly held in St. Petersburg, where Russian researchers have the opportunity to interest an Israeli companies by their developments, especially in the oil and gas sector. The General Consul invited MSTU researchers to participate in the next similar forum.

In addition, Michael Lotem expressed a willingness to provide assistance in finding partners from Israeli universities for joint scientific researches, and to organize guest lecturers specializing in the Economics of the fisheries industry and oil and gas industry.