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Our Barents – Our Future!


County Administrative Board of Norrbotten took over the chairmanship in Barents Euro Arctic Cooperation (BEAC) on the regional level whereas Norway took over the chairmanship on the national level. Their aim is, in close cooperation with Norway, to develop the Barents region and its residents’ wellbeing further during the years 2011-2013. During the two years they will focus on youth in the Barents region in order to get them more involved in the overall cooperation and in the future of the Barents region. Norrbotten chairmanship of the Barents Regional Council 2011-2013 jointly with the Barents Reunion 2012 organizes a brainstorming to formulate a vision of the future of the Barents region from a young person’s perspective. Those of you who are interested in attending this event are invited to participate in the Youth Workshop taking place in Tornio, Finland, 13-14 June 2012.
Are you between 17 and 25 years of age and from the Barents region? Then we want YOU, the representatives of the future generation, to take part in a discussion around fears, expectations, hopes and dreams and how YOU think YOU can start influencing the situation in our exciting and unique Barents region already today.
We are expecting you on June 13-14, 2012 in Tornio, Finland. Accommodation, food and travel costs are provided for.
The youth cooperation has traditionally been one of the cornerstones of Barents regional cooperation that formally started almost twenty years ago, in 1993. It is the ambition of the Norrbotten chairmanship to involve the representatives of the younger generation in the discussion of the future directions of the interregional cooperation in the Barents region, about the existing and foreseeable challenges and innovative solutions. Together with YOU, we would like to make our region more attractive for all, first and foremost for the young women and men. To do so, we would like to join our resources, knowledge and enthusiasm!
You should be a permanent resident in one of the Northern regions that participate in the Barents cooperation i.e. Kainuu, Lapland, Oulu, Finnmark, Nordland, Troms, Arkhangelsk, Karelia, Komi, Murmansk, Nenets, Norrbotten or Västerbotten. You can be a student in, for instance, political sciences, international relations or economy, a young entrepreneur or maybe already a young politician! You should be fluent in the English language. The main criterion is your confirmed interest in the future development of YOUR Barents region.
If you would like to participate in the workshop, please submit your CV and an essay written in English, maximum one printed page, describing your vision of the present and future of your home region as part of the Barents region to Sari.Roininen@lansstyrelsen.se latest on March 31, 2012. Write "Barents 2020" in the "subject" field. The participants to the workshop will be selected on the basis of the essays. Selected candidates will be further contacted regarding practical details. N.B.: you should be a holder of a valid travel passport!
For more detailed information of the workshop participation terms and conditions, please, contact:
International Cooperation Department

Contact person: Elena Moiseenko
E-mail: MoiseenkoEA@mstu.edu.ru
Telefax: 23 31 12
More information about the workshop and of the presidency in the Barents Regional Council you can find here:http://www.lansstyrelsen.se/norrbotten/Sv/om-lansstyrelsen/eu-och-internationellt/barentssamarbete/presidency-of-the-regional-barents-council-and-committe