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Attention students and cadets!


Leading university of Tromso (Norway) and MSTU (Russia) are planning to hold the international summer school "Arctic Navigation in Action" in October, 2014. Thу first part of the school will be in Murmansk, Russia.

The summer school will allow participants to discuss the present situation of scientific and technical Russian-Norwegian cooperation and to create programs of the joint projects aimed to increase the safety level and production efficiency and transportation of natural resources in the Arctic, as well as to get to know the Murmansk region prospects in Arctic shipping as a transport hub.

The purpose of the international school (October 13-17, 2014) is to increase the level of knowledge of the Norwegian and Russian participants about the main aspects of navigation in the Arctic region using the navigation simulator complexes, etc.

The school program includes lectures, practical training, work in planetarium, training with the use of the navigation simulator "NT Pro-5000" and training with the use of the navigation simulator with diesel power installation "DPS-100 Dieselsim".

Target group: 3rd year students and cadets of the maritime studies.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact International Cooperation Department.
Senior coordinator Anna Antokhina
Tel: +7 (8152)40-32-38
E-mail: antokhinaav@mstu.edu.ru